DKG-114 Manual and Remote Start Unit

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The DKG-114 is a low cost, microprocessor controlled generator control unit designed to start and stop the genset both manually and remotely.
The manual control is made using the pushbuttons on the front panel. The remote control is made via the remote start input signal.
In the STOP position, the DC supply is removed from the module, thus zero power consumption is achieved.

The unit powers up when the RUN button is pressed or battery+ is applied to the REMOTE START input. This will also energize the fuel solenoid relay.
The engine is automatically started 3 times until operation.Once the engine is running, the device monitors the internal protections and external fault inputs.
Only the first occurring alarm will be displayed, disabling further alarms. If the STOP button is pressed or the REMOTE START signal is removed, the engine will be stopped.