“Smart IO Module” Process Controller

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Features Descriptions
Physical Features
Dimensions 96 mm x 48 mm 86,5 mm
Protection Class NEMA 4X (IP65 at front, IP20 at rear)
Installation Fixed Installation
Storage / Operating Temperature 0…50ºC
Storage / Operating Humidity 90 % max. (None condensing)
Electrical Features
Supply Voltage and Power 100-240 Vac (-15%,+10%) 50/60 Hz. 6 VA
24 Vac (-15%,+10%) 50/60 Hz. 6 VA
24 Vdc (-15%,+10%) 6 W
Sensor Inputs Universal Input TC, RTD, Voltage/Current (dc)
Selectable by configuration parameters L (DIN43710),
J, K, R, T, S, B, E, N (IEC584.1) (ITS90)
PT100 (IEC751) (ITS90)
Selectable by configuration parameters 0-50 mV, 0-5 V, 0-10 V
Selectable by configuration parameters 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA
Optional Sensor Inputs EMI-400 Dijital Input Module
EMI-410 0/4-20mA Current Input Module
EMI-420 CT 0-5A Input Module
EMI-430 TC veya 0.-50mVdc Input Module
EMI-440 PT-100 Input Module
EMI-450 0-10Vdc Input Module
Accuracy ± 0,25% of full scale for Thermocouple ,Thermoresistance, and Voltage
Relay Output 5A@250 Vac at resistive load
SSR Output
Analogue Output
Optional Outputs EM0-400 Relay Output Module (3A@250V)
EM0-410 SSR Output Module (20mA@18V)
EM0-420 Dijital (Transistor) Output Module (40mA@18V)
EM0-430 0/4-20mA Current Output Module
Control Form On / Off, P, PI, PD, PID
Reading Frequency 3 readings per second
Communication Protocols MODBUS-RTU
Approvals UL Recognized Component (File No : E 254103), GOST-R, CE